What Doesn’t Suck

In Emulation of Andrea Gibson’s “Things That Don’t Suck”

Iced coffee with the needed cream and sugar. Calicos. Internet friends you get to meet in real life. Internet friends you don’t get to meet in real life. Well-developed female characters. Finding your needed course text at the library. Handmade banners. That light rose pink that could pass for cream. That dark burgundy that could pass for brown. Turtlenecks. Rookie Magazine. The smell of old books. The smell of new books. Private writing blogs. Public writing blogs. Driving on US-27 at night with the windows down. The “Take On Me” music video. Quirky stationary. Questioning the double standards in place. Gardenias. Candles that smell like gardenias. Gillian Anderson’s laugh. Baby blue Volkswagen Beetles. The single file line of baby ducks following their mother. Rainbow Rowell’s literary dialogue. Fresh flowers. Dead flowers. Treating yourself after a bad day. Treating yourself after a good day. Friends who stay in touch. Friends who don’t stay in touch but accept inevitable growing distance. Video games at midnight. That look your mom gives you when she’s just made a horrible joke. That look your dad gives you when you’ve just made a horrible joke. Abuela’s boundless love. Redeeming your free bubble tea. Hopefulness. Laughing to the point of tears and sore stomachs. Diversity in film and television. Connecting with professors. Fleetwood Mac. Pretty lingerie. Your five-year obsession with One Direction. Your ongoing obsession with Harry Styles. Space buns. Accepting your curly hair. Getting your braces off. Surviving surgery. Edison light bulbs. Bullet journals. Knee-long trench coats. Cheap Airbnbs in Brooklyn. Clawfoot bathtubs. Light pink feminist t-shirts. Unidentified flying objects. Long almond nails. Short round nails. Clearing your email inbox. See-through backpacks. Pin-back buttons. Getting movies for free from the local library. Stickers on laptops. Stickers on cars. Belly button piercings. Staying home. Going out. Platonic love. Learning a third language. Combat boots. Sleepovers. Abuelo’s love for classic movies. Going to concerts with parents. Going to concerts with friends. Pilot G-2 07 ballpoint pens. Stevie Nicks singing “Landslide” as she grows older. Realizing you’re growing older too. Realizing that it’s not as scary as you thought.


baby kermit is me, i am baby kermit

{photo creds to the original meme-ist}

3 thoughts on “What Doesn’t Suck

  1. I loved Gibson’s original but this one was so solid and relatable. The images!! Gillian Anderson’s laugh!!!You put a huge smile on my face and you’re gonna give Gibson a run for her money

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  2. omg that’s awesome! I would have never thought of doing that I’d be way too scared. It’s so cool bc I immediately recognized this poem bc I also wrote an emulation of it a while ago (small world!). in any case, it’s just such a rich poem and one of my favorite prose poems, you did it alot of justice and made it your own

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